Hungerford took its name from Charles Hungerford, whose tavern was established in the1700’s. This building was designated as the county courthouse in 1776. It’s where Thomas Wootton led a group of colonial patriots in supporting Boston residents in response to the Boston Tea Party. In reaction, The Hungerford Resolves encompassed five bold resolutions adopted to cease trade with Great Britain until the repeal of the Intolerable Acts.

The neighborhood was built in an area noted as Dawson Farm where the farmhouse and historic out-building foundations are preserved. Today the community consists of moderate-sized single-family homes that were built in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Hungerford is located just south of downtown Rockville and is within walking distance or a short bus ride. Close to 20% of the neighborhood’s commuters ride the train to and from work each day with close proximity to Metro Rail, MARC Trains and limited Amtrak service. Richard Montgomery High School is nearby.